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Successful EMU Graduate Sets Up Own Company

Successful EMU Graduate Sets Up Own Company
Published Date: Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mehmet Emre Özmüş, a 2002 graduate from the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is currently the chief executive of the company Alp Engineering. After completing his undergraduate study at EMU Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Özmüş went on to complete his postgraduate education at the same department. Upon the completion of his university education Özmüş made the decision to set up his own company and in 2012 Alp Engineering was formed.

Özmüş who liked to stand on his own two feet ever since he was a child, choose to study in the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering because of his interest in computers and electric. Özmüş noted that he gave other students lessons in areas such as physics and mathematics during his undergraduate years and worked as a research assistant during his postgraduate years. Özmüş stated that the education he received at EMU played a big role in his success underlining that EMU provided him with self-confidence and the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as quality education.

Özmüş started his career by writing automatization programs and after a number of work experience took the post of electrical maintenance chief at an İzmir based company. Özmüş who kept rising and eventually reached the post of production manager noted that he has been in close collaboration with up to 30 important firms in the field. Özmüş concluded by stating that EMU is an international university that has been constantly improving and a university that provides education at an international standard to open up one’s horizon resulting graduates that can rival graduates from all over the world.